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Martin Franco
Human Resources Manager, Puerto Rico

My Enterprise career began in Tampa four years ago. After working as a Management Trainee at a neighborhood branch, I became a Management Assistant at the Tampa airport. Working in one of the largest branches in the U.S. was challenging, but it also allowed me the opportunity to learn and move my career forward quickly. After two years with the company, I transferred to the human resources department, and today I am the HR Manager at our newly opened Puerto Rico operations.

Working for Enterprise on the mainland U.S. and now in the Caribbean has shown me how valuable our company culture is in defining who we are. I am proud to work for a company whose head officers take the time to talk to new employees just to ask how they are enjoying their jobs. Throughout my career I have been fortunate to work closely with people who have taught me how to succeed in the company and have also taken an interest in my personal life. My coworkers are some of my closest friends, and we are there to support each other in living the values of the company and succeeding in our careers.

My favorite Enterprise Founding Values is "Our doors are open." Welcoming employees, customers and business partners of all backgrounds is part of how we do business. I am originally from Colombia, South America and have focused much of my recruiting efforts within the Hispanic community. Sometimes it is difficult for minorities and women to see themselves represented in a large company. But Enterprise continues to diversify its workforce, providing opportunities for any employee who is willing to stay the course and work hard to achieve their goals.

Enterprise is also unique in that it recognizes the work each of us does both in business and in our communities. My volunteer work with organizations like the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a very important part of my life. By volunteering with these organizations, I hope to open doors for others in the community and help the next generation of Hispanic children to embrace their cultural roots. Enterprise not only encourages my community involvement, they also recognized my volunteer work in a recent employee contest centered around employees who live the company's values. I was extremely honored and humbled to receive such support from my company and peers.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures. Last year I spent New Year's Eve at the Eiffel tower with my wife and a million other people. Since moving to Puerto Rico, I have been exploring the incredible beaches and taking in Old San Juan's mixture of European restaurants and century old buildings. For me, balancing my work life with my personal life means making the most of the time at work by staying focused and being efficient so that I can enjoy quality time with my loved ones.

Martin Franco
Martin Franco